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17 Amazon Finds for Travelers

They call it a bug. A fever. An itch. Traveling is always equated with a sickness or a malady for some reason. Maybe it's because once you get the "itch", you aren't satisfied until it's scratched. In my personal experience, it really does feel like a fever. An urge to travel comes over me in a wave and when that happens, I get out the iPad and start the research. It's like an uncontrollable urge to see the world, mountains, rivers, and landmarks, as well as meet new people, take in new customs, eat new food, and learn new information. Traveling changes your view of the world. It widens your perspective. It teaches you invaluable lessons. Traveling is truly, well, the best.

Whether you're traveling near, far, or often, you will need some supplies. Of course this will differ on whether you're road-tripping, camping, backpacking, flying, or catching a train. But if you travel often enough, you might as well invest in some reusable items that will last you for a while. So I've compiled an Amazon list to help you feel more prepared for your next adventure. Some of these may not fit your exact needs, but they may in the future! Happy shopping!

1.) Packing Cubes- Don't dig around in your bag to find that one specific shirt anymore. Hello organization! Comes in many colors.

2.) Toiletry Bags-If you like to know where everything is, choose a clear bag. Or if you like to hang it from a hook and enjoy waterproofing, choose the other. Comes in many colors.

3.) Refillable Bottles- Instead of buying all those tiny bottles that never have enough product, buy a set of reusable ones! Your special conditioner and favorite body wash can now go with you everywhere. Oh, and these are BPA free and food safe, so buy an extra set for any food liquids! Comes in another color.

4.) Travel Razor- Ladies, I don't know about you, but I am NOT a fan of disposable razors. Yikes. So I bought this for my Italy trip and it now goes with me on every trip!

5.) A good backpack- You're going to need a carry on. And for me, the best option is a backpack. I can't tell you how many flights I've been on, huge airports I've had to walk miles in, and gates I've had to run to. A backpack leaves your arms free to do whatever you need, grab a water bottle, and hold your phone all at the same time. Tote bags, weekenders, and heavy briefcases just don't cut it. They're too heavy and bulky. A backpack is definitely my carry-on of choice. And I need a good one with a few things like: breathability, heavy strap, waterproof or resistant, enough compartments, and a luggage strap. Or just as simple as can be. I have both choices below.

6.) A Diva Cup- This one is strictly for ladies. During that lovely allotment of time we all have once a month, it can be extra annoying during travel. However, Diva Cup is very hygienic and easy to deal with.

7.) Travel size curling+straightening iron- I know, I know. I didn't know they existed either! But when you're gone for many days at a time and need a curling iron and your straightener, but no room to pack them both, buy this! It's a combination curling iron AND straightener. And it's travel size! It all comes in its unique, little case all ready to go. I love this thing.

8.) Single-use, disposable wipes- You may not think this is important. You are wrong. If traveling in other countries, you never know if you'll get any toilet paper. They also help with cleaning up spills, stickiness, cleaning your face, wiping off dirty seats, etc. These things have a million uses, and the little packets are easy to put in any bag or pocket.

9.) Wisps- These little suckers are so handy on a 9 hour flight, when your toothbrush falls in the toilet, you just had an incredibly smelly lunch, or you just need a refresh on the trail. So handy!

10.) Travel Towels- perfect for camping, hiking, yoga, backpacking, or for anything else you decide. Quick-drying and packable!

11.) Lifestraw- I'm sure you have heard of it, and it's something you need to add to your shopping cart! These are perfect for millions of situations and hundreds of different trips.

12.) Power strip- When you're needing to charge your phone for the next outing and you also need to charge your power bank, but there is only one outlet in your tiny B&B, you will thank me for this.

13.) Tide sink pouches- Nothing says roughing it like washing your clothes in a sink, right? Well, on your next trip it may be inevitable. Whether you're backpacking and stop in a little town near Nepal or you're camping in the middle of Banff National Park, you might find the need to wash your clothes in a sink/bowl/bucket. Here is your answer.

14.) Cooler bag- I think this one is pretty self-explanatory

15.) First Aid Kit- You need one of some sort. Mini ones that fit in your cosmetic bag may help you when you cut your finger, but if anything else happens on a trail, a train, in the middle of the mountains, or on the road you will need something with a little more heft. This kit specifically has a soft case that can easily fit in suitcases.

16.) Outdoor Survival Kit- This is for all of you hardcore campers, backpackers, wilderness-types, and adventurers. This kit is full of essentials for surviving in the great outdoors.

17.) Solar charger- If you're not around any electricity, which may happen more than you think, this is perfect for you!

I hope your next trip is full of adventure, learning, happiness, and flights that are on-time! Be safe and happy travels!

Can you think of anything else that is essential on your next trip? Share below! I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Mary Kate

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