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Another Girl's Makeup Routine

You know those times when you have all the money in the world to spend on everything you want including makeup? And you know what the best products are and the perfect way to put it on? Yea. Me either. Come on, this is the real world. Now I do know quite a bit, because I take the time to read, watch, learn, and absorb. But not everybody has that kind of time, am I right? Low and behold, some followers of mine (love you guys) have asked me about my makeup routine, so I FINALLY put together a video of my average routine. "Oh no, another millennial showing us how she does her makeup?" *sings in a loud bravado: YESSSSS!*

Now I know that I'm not a professional and that I still have a lot to learn. I'm totally up for learning more! I will take whatever kind advice or suggestions you guys have! I'm actually on the lookout for some high-end eyeliner, because I've been boycotting it all summer and I think I need to take another look at it. But I digress. Below is my video of my daily pattern of applying makeup, and below that will be a few tips explaining why I did certain things. At the bottom I will list all the products I used in the video! Please know that I am not some sort of goddess or saint (hard to believe, right? HA!), so I look totally natural in the beginning. Acne scars and all. Yea, not gonna lie, that part was hard. But who cares? We're all human. And I was never meant to fit a mold anyways. Enjoy!

Things to note:

This was my first ever video like this. I will get better.

....that is all.


1.) I used BB cream and foundation, because I want full coverage. My BB cream is not high-end, so it doesn't have tons of coverage on its own. I'm sure if I bought from a name brand company, it would!

2.) I wash my beauty blender out about every other day. I probably should do it everyday, but I just don't have the time. It is best used just washed out and squeezed dry. So bouncy!

3.) I'm on the lookout for a loose finishing powder. I use a pressed powder in the video, but it does not have much tint since it is a drugstore brand. As you can see, I just lightly tap it onto my face.

4.) I probably could find a better stick concealer as well. Just for those trouble spots that love to show through, am I right ladies?

5.) Ok, so I have really bright LED lights on my mirror and it shows EVERYTHING. This is so that I can really see my face perfectly to cover whatever I want to cover. However, in real life I do not have those bright lights shining on my face. This means that the harshness of the bronzer in the video is not what it looks like in natural light. Just wanted to add that.

6.) Apply bronzer to that natural contour line in your face. If you din't know where that is, make a fish face with your lips. That natural hollow in the bottom of your cheeks is where the bronzer should go.

7.) Apply blush above the bronzer line, on your actual cheek. Brush slightly outwards to elongate and so the blush will follow the natural lines of your face (sitting in one spot on your cheek makes it look like a clown--NO THANK YOU).

8.) Highlighter would go just above blush, on the bone in your face below your eyes (go to the bottom corner of your eye and trail down. You should feel that cheekbone).

9.) I like to keep my brows pretty natural. I use a brow gel or a microbrew pencil.

10.) Eyeshadow can be done in a million different ways. This is just my daily application (I picked a fun color palette for the vid). Brushes matter! Get the right brushes for application, and please BLEND, BABY, BLEND! You can look up many different ways to apply shadow on youtube!

11.) I skipped eyeliner and lips. One reason is because I haven't been wearing eye liner all summer. I am up for some high-end suggestions. I didn't do lips because I don't always put lipstick on. I also kind of forgot. (teehee)

12.) I have naturally long eyelashes, so no these are not extensions. They are just that long (thanks momma).


Comment below with any suggestions or questions!


Mary Kate

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