Mother's Day Gifts That Are Actually Awesome

Do you ever get to Mother's Day week and think, "Well, what the heck am I going to get my mom?" Because you don't want to get her something dumb, and you don't want to get her something cheesy. So I thought I would compile an elegant, thoughtful list of things to get that amazing woman in your life on this upcoming Mother's Day. Because, honestly, where would we all be without our mothers?

I have the excellent blessing of having two amazing women I call "mom". My actual mother is the sweetest, most wonderful soul you will ever meet. She is the epitome of Southern Grace and Charm, a real southern lady who loves Jesus more than breathing. I love her with everything in me. And I got really, REALLY lucky with having an incredible mother-in-law. She is the smartest woman I know, full of love for her family (like, would do anything for them) and Jesus, and overflowing with wisdom and grace. I love her deeply and wholly. These women are worth everything, so with them in mind, I make the following list. I hope this helps you!

Made By Mary Products

Any necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings from this website will be a winner. They have personalization options, as well as birth flower necklaces (hello, August Poppy!) *pictured below*.

Perfect Pair of Tennies

These shoes are popular for a reason: they're comfortable and they go with EVERYTHING! Choose from a few color options-- any you choose will be sure to please!

Luxurious Robe

This robe is a great length, and comes in a variety of colors! If your sweet mom needs a little pampering, this is the perfect gift.


Ok, we all know that slippers are just the freaking bomb. No matter what you say, a good pair of slippers will make anyone happy. And I've found 2 different pairs with a few color options between them.

A Stylish Kimono

These fancy little suckers are all the rage (not to mention how cute it would look with those tennies above) and this one is a great price!