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Must-Watch Chick Flicks for Galentine's Day

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! And married. And dating. Just basically, all the ladies. Galentine's Day is right around the corner! Never heard of it, you say? Let me explain:

There once was a lady named Leslie Knope (yes, from the hit TV show Parks & Recreation) who pioneered this hallowed holiday. No, it is not known by many...YET. Ms. Knope, being the amazing and down-to-earth woman we all know and love, created this special day, because she had seen what all women see at some point. That Valentine's Day can be stupid. And lonely. And heartbreaking. So she declared that February 13th, the day before V-day, was Galentine's Day-- a day where you and all your lady friends can get together and have a girl's day! Eat, drink, shop, go to the spa, catch a movie, whatever! It is now a sacred holiday that is enjoyed by many women far and wide. The End.

So now you know! And it is, in fact, time for Galentine's Day once again. I realize not everyone can hit up the boutiques and lay down wads of cash (no matter how much we all want to), eat an expensive meal, or even have a night out on the town. So I thought I would help you out a bit. Stay in! Order pizza, paint your nails, crank up your oil diffuser (check out my blog post concerning that here) and gather your girlfriends for a wonderfully, sappy chick flick. Here is a list of must-watch movies for your Gal's Night In, and remember: NO BOYS ALLOWED!

1.) The Proposal- Hilarious, heart-melting, breathtaking views, and Ryan Reynolds. Need I say more?

2.) Me Before You- England, quirky outfits, a little bit of humor, & oh my goodness it's wonderful-watch it

3.) This Means War-Reese Witherspoon trying to choose between 2 guys who are special agents-did I mention that those 2 guys are Chris Pine and Tom Hardy?

4.) The Last Song- Miley Cyrus and Liam (where it all began, *sigh*)-classic summer, beach, teenage love story-Marvelous!

5.) 27 Dresses- I know we've all seen it, but it's just so good! New York, annoying sister, weddings, and love triangles! And some dresses, too.

6.) The Devil Wears Prada- CLASSIC! New York, fabulous fashion, Emily Blunt as a mean girl, Anne Hathaway trying to juggle a tough job and her dreams. Must watch!

7.) The Best of Me- Southern, summer sunshine, flashbacks of teen love, heart-wrenching circumstances. It's a tear-jerker. Prepare yourself.

8.) He's Just Not That Into You- blockbuster with tons of great stars! It's one of those that has a bunch of different story lines that all interconnect. Very good.

9.) The House Bunny- the only movie listed here that is more comedy than romance-SO FUNNY!- Anna Faris is ridiculously wonderful in this one--even a glimpse of Emma Stone in a smaller role (can you believe it?)

10.) Valentine's Day- I mean, obviously, this has to be listed, right? Another blockbuster, tons of stars (even Taylor Swift!), and guess what it's about....

I hope you enjoy this list, and I hope you have an amazing Galentine's Day with your girls! What chick flicks do you love? I'm thinking of making an Ultimate List. Comment below!


Mary Kate

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