Web Design

Need simple maintenance?

A full-on face lift?

Or a brand new website altogether? 

Contact us today! 

Graphic Design

If you're in need of graphics for your website, email campaign,  social media, or anything else then click below! 


Starting your business identity doesn't just end with a logo. Let us walk with you through the process of finding your brand's mission, vision, personality, values, and voice. 

Logo + Branding + Website + Marketing materials all in one place.


If social media is not your strong suit, don't be troubled. Social media is a free form of marketing that you should be utilizing. Give it to someone who wants to handle it, and fill your valuable time with things only you can do! Little Evergreen offers teaching and coaching to make your staff feel confident with Instagram. 

Illustration Art

Custom graphic for a social media campaign? Web elements? We can help.

Portrait Illustrations

These are perfect to enhance your brand, display on your website, or give as a gift! 

Digital Prints

Saw an illustration on Instagram you love? Contact us to purchase a print!


For all other artistic inquiries (tattoos, book covers, collabs, etc.) contact us! 

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800 Mason Street

Mayfield, KY


Tel: 270-705-8714


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