Hello, I'm Mary Kate and I'm the one-woman show behind Little Evergreen Co. It started as a hobby: calligraphy and hand-lettering, which then quickly grew into a business making signs for weddings and home decor products. Over time it changed into a passion for design itself. I had no one to help me realize that branding is everything for a small business and no one to help me come up with a clear plan on how to present that brand. So I set it in my mind to be that person for others. LEC is now a place where you can come for your digital business needs: logos, branding, graphics for marketing, social media consultation, website design, and even custom illustration art. I want to be the one place a business can come to define and present itself to the world. I work with businesses, one-on-one, to get it right. If you're looking for a passionate, non-robot, living and breathing human being to walk with you, you found her. So let me help you take your dream to the next level.


Mary Kate Imhoff

Mailing Address:

800 Mason Street

Mayfield, KY


Tel: 270-705-8714

2020 Little Evergreen Co

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