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Fun facts about MK:

- I'll take coffee in an IV, please and thank you.

   Black is best. 

- Sweet tea is also a staple, obviously.

- I ADORE traveling (we've already done quite a bit), but          I also love my little home in the country. Who

   says you can't love both, right?

- I inhale books. I literally have no self-control when reading.

- I enjoy hosting parties, hiking, and adventuring.

- Cinnamon rolls are probably the best breakfast on 

   the planet.

- Fave TV shows include The Office and Gilmore Girls

- My perfect Friday night goes like this:

  Mexican food, comfy couch, Marvel movie, and my boys

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Hey hey, I'm Mary Kate (no, there is no Ashley), and I am that really cool chick with the sarcastic remarks that you can kinda hear in movie theaters. I actually started LEC as a calligraphy biz in the wedding industry, realized I didn't like it very much, tried the craft-fair circuit (HATED it), and finally found my calling when I switched to brand design and illustrating. I am married to the most handsome guy on the planet, and I'm mom to Finn, the CUTEST little boy that has ever lived. I am Media Director at my church and I am so passionate about spreading the Gospel through the mighty force that is media! My heart beats for small business owners and helping them get off the ground, realize their incredible potential, and build a legacy. Welcome to the enchanting, crazy, and lovable life of me. 

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Mary Kate Imhoff

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The 'gram:

Follow along as we share biz tips, our work, and some cool moments in between!

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