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Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe: All Under $50!

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

SPRING! It's so close! Seriously, I'm so excited I'm about to wet my plants. HA! Warm sunshine, frolicking through meadows, bike rides, getting caught in rain storms, and flowers upon flowers. Doesn't that just scream spring to you?? (But honestly, does anyone really frolic through meadows??)

Valentine's Day is over, and to me that always means my mind is fully consumed with everything spring. You may still be getting snow where you are, but here in the South we are shaking the cold from our limbs and getting ready to throw open the windows. My mom and I have always talked about "the mist of green" that inevitably comes every spring. This is referring to the trees that just start to bud, and when you look out across the hills you can see just a slight mist of green buds that sprout from the trees. Here in the South it is only around for about a week, so you have to be watching to catch it!

With my mind on all things spring, I'm daydreaming about my spring wardrobe! This season is a great time to wear those light, pastel, and almost ethereal pieces that you've been itching to purchase. Spring essentials for me are a blue jean jacket, a floral print, blue and white stripe top, linen, and a fabulous pair of flats. So today I have gathered up a list of delicate pieces that you simply must add to your closet. The best thing? Every piece is under $50! Many of us don't have the ability to blow an entire paycheck on spring shopping, so I have constructed this list to help you feel like the most in-style chick on the block--without breaking the bank!

I will list each piece with a link to follow so you can shop immediately! Below, I have also assembled a few outfits to give you inspiration! Please comment below with your favorite outfit and what you're going to buy! Subscribe as well, won't you darling?

Clothing Links

Outfit Inspo!

Don't forget to comment and subscribe! Happy shopping, lovelies.


Mary Kate

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